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About Your QA Coach!

At QA Coach we are here to help address any of your concerns regarding the CDHO QA requirements.

QA Coach is now a place where you can store your information; however, you cannot submit  your portfolio through this system.  QA Coach is your coach to help you with the CDHO Quality Assurance requirements. If you have stored anything in Portfolio Manager, you can use this for 2014 only; however, you can store your activities in Portfolio Manager, if you find it easier to manage and then transfer over to the SMILE portal.

Here is what you will receive as a QA Coach member:
·       Access to a QA Coach through phone and email
·       Access to the Members Only QA Coach recorded webinars (you may use these hours as activity hours)
·       Discounts on one-on-one coaching
·       Facebook Private Group
·       Workshops (bring your laptops and work on the SMILE portal with assistance)

QA Coach will be offering online webinars that will be designed like a workshop, walking you step-by-step through the new SMILE portal by the CDHO.

QA Coach is here to help you along the way, to alleviate any angst or anxiety that you may feel.  We offer support in various ways.  You will have access to a support team and coach through phone or email.  You will receive support on YOUR SMILE system.  You will have access to the webinars and past Portfolio Manager webinars,  which will give you many hours of QA Activities, that you may use toward your portfolio.

What will fit your specific needs? Click here to view all QA Coach Packages

QA Coach Webinars and Workshops!

Click here to view recorded webinars as your coaches walk you through the CDHO Quality Assurance Program! Kathleen will walk you through the new CDHO Quality Assurance Program with their interactive online workshops.

Members Only Computer Workshops

Join Kathleen at the facility with a small group and work on your Portfolio's together! Use this time to bring your laptops and work with your coach and peers. Let’s get going on your SMILE Portal! Click here or call to register 905-635-7051

Here is what your colleagues have said about YOUR QA Coach!

Just a note to say I just received my portfolio completion letter.. I got all 1's.  Thanks ladies!!!  Going to open the wine and celebrate. HOORAY.
Joan, RDH
Thank you for providing us with all this support it makes ALL the difference!!!
Agnes, RDH
Thanks so much, I will sign up for mission possible right away. I love the services you provide. Thank God for portfolio manager.
Allison, RDH
Hello, I have been working on my portfolio through RDH portfolio manager and LOVE it thank you :)  Your webinars are so helpful!
Thank you, 
Andrea, RDH
I am already gaining some "calm" about the whole portfolio thing!
Wendy, RDH
Good Morning.
I can't believe that I am already in putting new information into my Portfolio.
I just submitted my portfolio and I thought I wouldn't touch it for a while but now that I have your amazing program it makes it so easy.  Thanks again!!!
I talk about your website ALL the time to my fellow Hygienists.   Can't live without it.
Suzanne, RDH

Welcome to QA Coach!
We are excited to help you!